Domestic Assistance: A Key Component of Your Travel Risk Management Strategy

Do you ever think about what your travelers would do—and the resources that are available to them—in the event of a domestic travel emergency? When organizations think of travel risks, they often think of the issues that could creep up when people are traveling abroad. But the truth is, emergencies can happen anywhere and it’s your duty of care to protect your travelers regardless of where they are. Even seemingly minor travel problems close to home can become more serious in unfamiliar surroundings. If your organization’s current travel risk management program doesn’t support domestic emergencies—and if you can’t customize it so it does—you don’t want to miss these most common travel emergencies that can happen on domestic trips….and how On Call can help!

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Missed/Cancelled Flights & Delays:  Believe it or not, some of the most common air travel mishaps we see are air travel disruptions. Such mishaps usually take hours (or even days!) to resolve and can be costly depending on how long a traveler is stranded. Tip: We can help travelers find alternate flights and book hotel accommodations if they get stuck.

Lost Luggage: Tracking down lost luggage is not a good use of anyone’s time. Luckily, your travelers can give us a call anytime and we’ll do it for them! And here’s more encouraging news: The Department of Transportation says only 2% of luggage mishandled by airlines is forever lost or unclaimed.

Minor Illnesses: What should your travelers do if they’re probably not sick enough to see a doctor, but they need a medical professional’s input? They can call our 24-hour Nurse Helpline, of course! While not every illness or injury warrants a trip to the ER or doctor’s office, it’s always smart to be cautious and talk to a nurse to prevent a health concern from escalating.

Lost Medication: While getting a prescription filled in the US is a lot easier than it is abroad, it can still be a hassle (and time suck!) when people aren’t on their home turfs. Having access to a prescription assistance service through your travel risk management provider is hands down the simplest and fastest way for your travelers to get their prescriptions filled.

Major Illnesses & Injuries: In the event of a major medical emergency, we can transport travelers to a specified health facility via air ambulance or an escorted commercial flightas well as provide critical care monitoring to ensure all lines of communication between your travelers, their families, the hospital and even your organization are frequent…and open. We also can provide trusted medical referrals and help schedule appointments with doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners.

Lost or Stolen Wallet: A wallet that’s gone MIA can be a nerve-wracking, frustrating and costly experience whether a traveler is in Chicago or the UAE. We not only walk our travelers through the process of what to do if this happens to them, but we can also provide emergency cash advance assistance for those who need immediate funds. And while we provide emergency travel documents assistance, as well, domestic travelers shouldn’t need to worry—the TSA says not having an ID does not necessarily mean you won’t be allowed to fly. In fact, if travelers are cooperative about providing additional information, the TSA has other means of confirming their identities so they won’t miss that important flight.


Do you wish domestic assistance was part of your organization’s travel risk management strategy? Contact us today.

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