A 360 Degree View of the Risks of Traveling to Emerging Destinations (and How NGO’s Can Plan for Them!)

Missionaries and volunteers are inevitably traveling to places off the beaten path, but with that, comes a certain degree of risk.

This session is aimed at engaging NGOs in a discussion on how they can help protect the health and safety of their travelers by increasing their overall awareness of the global risk landscape as well as some critical tools and strategies for mitigating these risks. Participants will leave with a “travel risk mitigation toolbox” that will help them feel more confident with balancing and aligning their traveler protection and duty of care objectives with their overall mission, purpose, and goals.


You Will Learn:

    • A landscape overview of the top issues and recent events that are currently affecting (or expected to affect) global travel

    • Best practices for pre-travel preparation and risk mitigation in a world with COVID, political/civil unrest, foreign conflict, and other global uncertainties

    • How to reassess, modify, and add to your NGO’s ‘travel risk mitigation toolbox’


    • Ben Longworth, On Call International

    • Ann Holmes, VP of Global Operations, VillageReach

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