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Growing Opportunities, Growing Risks: On Call’s 2017-2018 Global Risks Review

We know it can be a struggle to do the research needed to truly understand the risk environment and where your organization has exposure—and we can help! Our new Global Risks Review not only focuses on big picture issues such as natural disasters and this year’s many important elections, but also discusses specific topics such…

Traveling With Pets: Tips for a Safer (and Smoother) Trip Abroad

Author: Betsy Perry For many pet owners visiting or moving to another country, one of the most important considerations is how to take beloved creatures along. Fortunately, On Call Global Security Specialist Betsy Perry is here to help travelers through the process of preparing for a trip overseas with a pet. Betsy shares, “My cat…

Less Stress, Healthier Travel: Tips and Strategies for Organizations

Business travel can be frantic – riddled with early mornings, late nights and non-stop meetings, all without the normal comforts and routines experienced at home. In fact, according to our national survey, over a third of business travelers (36%) believe that work-related travel makes them more stressed than normal. And it’s easy to see why….