On Call Watch Officers Help Answer the Question, “Is it Safe to Travel?”

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Has the question, ‘is it safe to travel?’ been keeping you up at night? If you’re like most risk professionals we know you understand first-hand how unpredictable global travel has become…and how it’s changed the way most organizations think about—and approach—travel risk management. According to On Call security analyst and Watch Officer, Scott Battey, “It’s…

What is Travel Risk Management?

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Travel risk management (TRM) is a comprehensive, consistent and proactive approach to protecting your people and your organization from travel risks. The broader notion of travel risk management and duty of care is not just linked to how well your organization can respond to a crisis—but rather, how well it can actually prevent a crisis…

Crisis Communications in Our New World: Guidelines for Colleges & Universities


In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, colleges and universities are seeing the value in aligning their communications protocols with their travel risk management initiatives now more than ever. But are you confident your students know how to tell you they’re safe—and reach out for help—during a crisis abroad?  Here are…

The Consummate Host: How Institutions Can Protect Inbound Student Safety

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The statistics revealed in the 2015 Open Doors Report demonstrate just how internationalized U.S. higher education has become: not only has the number of study abroad students more than tripled over the last few decades, but the number of international students at U.S. colleges and universities experienced the highest rate of growth in thirty-five years. In fact a record…

Studying Abroad in Our New World: Safety Tips for Your Students


On November 23, 2015 the U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert cautioning U.S. citizens of possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats. Clearly, there are far more travel risks now than ever before. Many students will still choose to study abroad during their college years, so it’s important for their institutions…

What Makes a Well Prepared Study Abroad Candidate?

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We recently hosted a webinar, Mitigating Travel Risks with University Policies and Procedures, in conjunction with URMIA, as part of their Risky Business Week. In this webinar our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton, discussed the characteristics of a well-prepared study abroad candidate and what universities can do to help mitigate risks when students travel abroad….

Webinar Recap: Mitigating Travel Risks with University Policies and Procedures

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Recently we teamed up with URMIA to give international travel risk professionals an inside look at what a well-prepared study abroad candidate looks like. During this webinar, our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton, drew from his 30+ years in security and risk management to provide insights on how to properly align policies, procedures and people…

5 Travel Risk Management Resolutions Your Organization Should Make This Year

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If you’re looking for ways to enhance your organization’s travel risk management strategy, take action before you lose momentum (and motivation!). To help you get a quick start, we’re sharing five TRM resolutions we think your organization should make—and keep—this year:   1) Keep Security Top of Mind: The recent events in Paris have brought…

This Year’s Top Trends in Study Abroad

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If you’re responsible for international travel risk management at your institution, you’ll probably find the Institute of International Education (IIE)’s Open Doors Report to be a helpful resource. Published annually in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, the report is comprised through surveys sent to approximately 3,000 accredited…

International Collegiate Sports: Travel Risks and How to Manage Them


There are many positives to mixing school sports with international travel (the expansion of the institution’s brand and the opportunity for athletes to become more cultured, to name a few), but as with any international travel there are also some risks. For instance, what if an athlete were injured in a serious motor vehicle accident?…