What Makes a Well Prepared Study Abroad Candidate?

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We recently hosted a webinar, Mitigating Travel Risks with University Policies and Procedures, in conjunction with URMIA, as part of their Risky Business Week. In this webinar our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton, discussed the characteristics of a well-prepared study abroad candidate and what universities can do to help mitigate risks when students travel abroad….

Webinar Recap: Mitigating Travel Risks with University Policies and Procedures

Slide 23_URMIA Webinar

Recently we teamed up with URMIA to give international travel risk professionals an inside look at what a well-prepared study abroad candidate looks like. During this webinar, our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton, drew from his 30+ years in security and risk management to provide insights on how to properly align policies, procedures and people…

5 Travel Risk Management Resolutions Your Organization Should Make This Year

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If you’re looking for ways to enhance your organization’s travel risk management strategy, take action before you lose momentum (and motivation!). To help you get a quick start, we’re sharing five TRM resolutions we think your organization should make—and keep—this year:   1) Keep Security Top of Mind: The recent events in Paris have brought…

International Collegiate Sports: Travel Risks and How to Manage Them


There are many positives to mixing school sports with international travel (the expansion of the institution’s brand and the opportunity for athletes to become more cultured, to name a few), but as with any international travel there are also some risks. For instance, what if an athlete were injured in a serious motor vehicle accident?…

A Step Ahead: Sharing Economy Use During Business Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]


As the popularity of sharing economy services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb rises rapidly, people will inevitably start using these services on business trips (if they’re not doing so already). In preparation, employers are already adapting their existing travel policies to the new sharing economy, right? Well, not exactly… According to our recent national survey,…

Three (More) Emerging Trends That Could Affect Your Company’s Travel Policy


If your staff has been getting from Point A to Point B without any monumental issues, perhaps there’s no motivation to address your company’s current travel policy. However, why not be proactive and make a few updates before something actually goes wrong? Last month we talked about risky behaviors, bleisure and the sharing economy and…

Duty of Loyalty: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

duty of loyalty

Post updated on 1/12/17. We’ve all heard the term ‘duty of care’ – a popular industry term that refers an employer’s legal and moral obligation to mitigate risks for its traveling employees. If your organization were to experience legal woes due to a duty of care oversight, a court would consider the types of measures…

Mixing Business With Pleasure: Today’s Business Travelers Are No Strangers to Bad Behavior [INFOGRAPHIC]

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America’s business travelers are mixing business with pleasure—and it’s happening more often than you may think.  According to a national survey* we conducted, more than a quarter (27%) of business travelers admit to binge drinking while on business trips, and more than one in ten (11%) told us they’ve “picked up” a stranger at a…

Proactive Crisis Response Planning: Why it Matters During a Natural Disaster

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On April 25th, 2015, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, followed by another quake on May 12th. The disaster killed more than 8,000 people, destroyed villages and left thousands stranded without access to basic necessities. This initial quake was the deadliest earthquake to strike the region since 1934. Many organizations found themselves struggling to…

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: A Pre-Travel Emergency Checklist for Employers

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When your employees travel for work, there’s a lot to think about. And while many small to medium sized businesses may find it a challenge to meet their travel risk management (TRM) goals due to limited resources, the truth is, SMBs have the same duty of care responsibilities as larger firms. And neglecting these responsibilities…