Monthly Risk Spotlight: May 2024

AMERICAS  Further Impact Across Region Due to Record-Breaking Climate Incidents Large flooding events occurring across the continent, coupled with major drought and heat waves, have resulted in some of the worst environmental challenges the Americas have seen in decades. The extreme climate is attributed to both the El Niño weather pattern and the persistent rise… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: April 2024

AMERICAS  Increased Violence in Latin America’s Traditionally Safer Countries The collapse of the government in Haiti is serving to highlight some of the more extreme gang violence that has occurred and increased in the region. It helps to take a step back and look at how other countries in the region, particularly Costa Rica and… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: March 2024

AMERICAS Gangs and Violence Increase Across the Americas Organized and powerful gangs have been a rising issue across the Americas, with large-scale gang-related violence in 2024 particularly pronounced in both Ecuador and Haiti. This is in addition to the continued increase of organized criminal groups in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Colombia, though the problem is acute… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: January 2024

AMERICAS From Economic Prosperity to Economic Uncertainty 2023 was a year of strong economic growth for the Western Hemisphere. Economic activity in the region was at its highest levels since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the region was able to grow at a rapid 4% rate, making it one of the fastest-growing regions… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: December 2023

AMERICAS A Focus on Territorial Disputes Across the Region On December 3, a national referendum was held in Venezuela to determine whether the nation should annex Essequibo, an oil-rich region of neighboring Guyana. Although the referendum was non-binding, and the United Nations (UN) has already publicly denounced it as illegitimate, the territorial dispute between Guyana… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: November 2023

AMERICAS Severe Drought Severs Global Trade as Panama Canal Reduces Capacity This past October marks the driest on record for the Panama Canal, an interoceanic waterway that is reliant on fresh water to operate. The severe lack of water for the Panama Canal has caused a major traffic jam to occur on both the Atlantic… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: October 2023

AMERICAS Political Unrest and Transitions in Latin America  In the dynamic landscape of Central and South American politics, nations often find themselves at crossroads, grappling with the dual challenges of political transition and societal unrest. While these challenges manifest differently across countries, the themes of governance, justice, and societal response remain consistently intertwined. For instance,… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: September 2023

AMERICAS Atlantic Hurricane Season This month marks the midpoint of hurricane season in the Atlantic, which has the potential to be one of the most active hurricane seasons in recent decades. The hurricane season has not only been active but also powerful. For the first time since the 1950s, there have been two Category 3… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: August 2023

AMERICAS Indigenous Leaders from the Amazon Basin Gather in Brazil Brazil is perhaps best known for its Amazon Rainforest, yet only about 50% of the Amazon is in Brazil. The Amazon is known for its tropical flora, fauna, and biodiversity, yet forgotten is the immense diversity of its native population and the varied threats they… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: July 2023

AMERICAS Strong El Niño Event Expected for 2023  Often misunderstood and globally impactful, El Niño, the naturally occurring phenomenon that warms the waters off the Pacific Coast of South America, is due to begin this year and will likely have major effects across the globe. Under normal circumstances, the Pacific experiences a consistent movement of… Read more »