Winter Driving Tips Part 1: Winterizing Your Vehicle


Winter is here and that means nasty weather could make your travels a bit more slippery (no pun intended!) than usual. AccuWeather’s winter forecast is calling for above-normal snowfall in some parts of the country, and the Federal Highway Administration reports that nearly one-quarter of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy roads….

DIY Traveler’s First Aid Kit

When it comes to travel health and safety, you’ll hear us say time and time again how important it is to pack a travel first aid kit– whether you’re headed to a remote location or even just planning a weekend getaway close to home. A travel first aid kit is an efficient way to prepare…

Safety Tips for Your Next Hiking Trip

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Fall’s pleasant temperatures and gorgeous leaves have a lot of outdoor enthusiasts ready for a hiking vacation. Whether you’re hiking international trails, or staying close to home, these tips will help you plan a safe and enjoyable hiking adventure. Research your options. The home page of the National Park Service is a great place to…