On Call in Action: A Crisis Unfolds in Turkey

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This Month: On July 15, 2016, factions within the Turkish military deployed forces in locations around Ankara and Istanbul in an attempt to seize control of the country. Soon after launching the coup, the military implemented martial law and declared a curfew. Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was under siege, and flights were diverted from Turkey, complicating a key evacuation route for travelers.

On Call to the Rescue

Concerned about students attending a summer program in Turkey, Janice*, a global travel security manager at a university in the U.S., contacted On Call International for help. After discussing the situation and the specific location of the university’s constituents, On Call’s security team advised the best course of action was for everyone to shelter in place until the situation de-escalated.

Considering the students were located well away from the areas most impacted by the attempted coup, On Call and Janice agreed this was the best course of action for the time being. In addition, On Call discussed contingency plans, and our security team continued to assess and organize evacuation capabilities should emergency transportation become necessary.

Safe and Sound

The attempted coup failed in less than 20 hours as the government controlled the situation, but On Call remained on high alert as we continued to monitor the situation closely. In the end, it wasn’t necessary to evacuate anyone and the students were able to continue with their program in Turkey. Confident that On Call was standing by with further assistance if needed, Janice and the students were thankful for On Call’s support during such an unpredictable and stressful time.

*Names have been changed to protect traveler privacy.

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